Site: s67p20
Build Name: linux.fe6_Odense.ifort_icc_ilp64_STATIC
Build Time: 2011-11-12T06:22:51 CET
Found 2 Errors
Warnings are here.

Build Log Line 9
[  1%] Built target gen_fortran_interface_h
Scanning dependencies of target dirac
[  1%] Building Fortran object CMakeFiles/dirac.dir/gp/git_revision_info.F90.o
[  1%] Building Fortran object CMakeFiles/dirac.dir/gp/compilation_info.F90.o
Linking Fortran static library lib/libdirac.a
[ 90%] Built target dirac
[ 99%] Built target xcfun
Linking Fortran executable dirac.x
ld: cannot find -lcilkrts
[100%] Built target dirac.x
Scanning dependencies of target dirac_interfaces
[100%] Built target dirac_interfaces
Scanning dependencies of target example_fortran
[100%] Building Fortran object xcint/xcfun/fortran/CMakeFiles/example_fortran.dir/xcfun_autogen.F90.o
[100%] Building Fortran object xcint/xcfun/fortran/CMakeFiles/example_fortran.dir/xcfun_module.F90.o
[100%] Building Fortran object xcint/xcfun/fortran/CMakeFiles/example_fortran.dir/example.F90.o
Linking Fortran executable example_fortran

Build Log Line 18

ld: cannot find -lcilkrts
[100%] Built target example_fortran
Scanning dependencies of target funeval
[100%] Building C object xcint/xcfun/test/CMakeFiles/funeval.dir/funeval.c.o
Linking CXX executable funeval
[100%] Built target funeval
Scanning dependencies of target testall
[100%] Building C object xcint/xcfun/test/CMakeFiles/testall.dir/testall.c.o
Linking CXX executable testall
[100%] Built target testall